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Naming Binary Ionic Compounds

When we have a metal and a non-metal we have an ionic compound.

Metal + Non-Metal = Ionic Compound

If there are only two different types of elements it is called Binary Ionic

For example,
write the formula for:
  • CaCl2
  • KBr
  • Al3N2

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Keys to Naming Binary Ionic Compounds:

  • Name the metal (the cation) as it appears on the Periodic Table.
    • Na+ = Sodium           Mg2+ = Magnesium         Al3+ = Aluminum
  • For the non-metal (the anion) write the name on the Periodic Table and then replace the ending with ide.
    • CaCl2 = Calcium chlorine = Calcium chloride
    • AlN = Aluminum nitrogen = Aluminum nitride
    • Na2O = Sodium oxygen = Sodium oxide

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