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Polyatomic Cations

NH4+ ammonium ion
H3O+ hydronium ion

Polyatomic Anions

-1 -2 -3
CH3COO-   or   C2H3O2-   acetate ion
CHO2-   formate ion
ClO-   hypochlorite ion
ClO2-   chlorite ion
ClO3-   chlorate ion
ClO4-   perchlorate ion
CN-   cyanide ion
HCO3-   hydrogen carbonate ion or bicarbonate ion
HSO3-   hydrogen sulfite ion or bisulfite ion
HSO4-   hydrogen sulfate ion or bisulfate ion
H2PO4-   dihydrogen phosphate ion
MnO4-   permanganate ion
NO2-   nitrite ion
NO3-   nitrate ion
OH-   hydroxide ion
CO32-   carbonate ion
C2O42-   oxalate ion
CrO42-   chromate ion
Cr2O72-   dichromate ion
HPO42-   hydrogen phosphate ion
O22-   peroxide ion
SiO32-   silicate ion
SO32-   sulfite ion
SO42-   sulfate ion
S2O32-   thiosulfate ion
AsO43-   arsenate ion
BO33-   borate ion
PO33-   phosphite ion
PO43-   phosphate ion

Common Metals with More than One Ion

Chromium   Cr2+,   Cr3+
Cobalt   Co2+,   Co3+
Copper   Cu+,   Cu2+
Iron   Fe2+,   Fe3+
Lead   Pb2+,   Pb4+
Manganese   Mn2+,   Mn3+,   Mn4+
Mercury   Hg22+   mercury(I)     and Hg2+   mercury(II)
Tin   Sn2+,   Sn4+

Careful with this one!  Mercury: Hg22+ (mercury I)   and   Hg2+ (mercury II)

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