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Naming Compounds Containing Transition Metals

When we have a metal and a non-metal we have an ionic compound.

Metal + Non-Metal = Ionic Compound

If we have a transition metal the charge on the metal will vary depending on what it is bonded to.  

For example,
write the name for:
  • FeCl3
  • Pb(NO3)4
  • Cu2O

Practice: The key to success.

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Keys for Naming Compounds with Transition Metals:

  • Write the name of transition metal as it appears on the Periodic Table.
  • Write the name and charge for the non-metal. If you have a polyatomic ion, use the Common Ion Table to find and write the formula and charge.
  • Use the total charge on the non-metal (or polyatomic ion) find the charge on the transition metal.
  • After the name for the metal, write its charge as a Roman Numeral in parentheses. Example: Iron (III) chloride

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