Stoichiometry Problems and Practice

Stoichiometry problems are one of the most difficult areas in general chemistry. The first step is to master the basics—that's what this section is about.

To build your stoichiometry skills you'll get the basic information and examples, lots of practice with support, and then a quiz to make sure you've got it. All of this builds on the way people learn best.

Keys To Success

  • Memorizing stoichiometry problems won't help here. Develop a strategy to solve the problems.
  • Make sure you can do the basic math.
  • Don't give up easily. This stuff takes time to learn.
  • Be an active part of a study group.
  • Be familiar with the topic before it's presented in class. This is a powerful learning strategy.

You may want to be sure you can balance chemical equations before you begin this section!

Please use the menu on the right to find stoichiometry problems and practice for the topic you are interested in. If you have time it's worth starting with the first section and working your way through the entire Stoichiometry Problems and Practice Section.

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