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Geothermal Well Drilling

Day Two - Sights and Sounds

The second day was accompanied by snow. It was very different from what I imagined the weather would be like when we first started thinking about geoexchange. But if you think about it, once they get down a few feet in the ground it doesn't matter much if it's summer or winter. The temperature stays pretty constant. Above ground, it was cold.

Day two was essentially a repeat of day one but with about four inches of large snowflakes and then some freezing rain. Kind of festive in a way (except for the mud).

Well Drilling

Well Drilling on a Snowy Day

The second well required setting up another silt net to deal with the water. Everything in the first silt net was frozen solid.

Because they hit water at about 100 feet on the first day they used a special truck to help manage the water. The water wasn't shooting out of the ground or anything that dramatic; the problem was that the hole would fill with water which made work rather wet and messy.

Water Management Truck:

Water Truck

They decided to leave sealing the wells for another day so they could get home through the traffic. They left their rig and equipment overnight.

Bags of Quick Grout waiting for the next day:

Grout Bags

At this stage, the yard was in pretty sad shape. All of the mud and water was frozen solid, and the silt nets and mud contrasted sharply with the snow on the ground.

Silt and snow.

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