The Project

In Pictures

Connecting to outside loop

Removing the old furnace

Installing the flow center

Filling the tubes

Installing the Geothermal Heat Pump

Overall, the installation of the heating pump was rather anticlimactic. As you might remember, the well drillers finished their work with a 700-foot loop of geothermal ground loop tubing buried in our yard. Just the two ends were left sticking through a wall in our basement. The HVAC guys' job was to install a new geoexchange heat pump, fill those tubes with water, and connect them to the heat pump.

Installation took place over three days. On the first day they took measurements, ran tubing to the furnace room, and did some electrical work. On the second day they removed the old furnace and installed the geothermal heat pump. They were able to get it to heat the house with electric heat that night. The final day they filled the tubes with water (and some methanol), got all the air bubbles out, and connected them to the heat pump. Then they turned it on and it worked. Kind of anticlimactic.

You can find a more detailed description (with pictures) on the following pages: