The Project

Installing the Geoexchange Heat Pump

Turning it On

Finally the magical moment came when we could turn the unit on. Oops, they already turned it on. Not very magical but it was on and running. But is seems like turning the unit on should have its own page. So here are a few pictures of the system with its proud new owners.

The front of the geoexhange system is shown here with Silky the cat giving you a sense of scale. Since there are no flames involved there's no chance of that fluffy tail being set ablaze. The system is about the same size as our old gas furnace. My guess is that most folks wouldn't really see a difference except for the hoses.


A cat's-eye view of the system with the ducts going into the ceiling visible. The black rectangle above Sparky's head (yes, that's the cat's real name) is the HEPA filter.

Geoexchange System

Silky is sitting next to the red tubes that carry the water to and from the geothermal ground loop in our front yard. She is trying hard to NOT think about scratching.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Emily, sitting on top of the flow center. The two round black things are the pumps that move water through throughout the geothermal ground loop.

Flow Center

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