The Project

Installing the Geoexchange Heat Pump

Installing the Heat Pump Unit

To install a heat pump properly you must first acquire an extremely sensitive piece of equipment and carefully tune it to the exact frequency.

The DeWalt heavy-duty radio to provide music while working.

Dewalt Radio

I don't really have many pictures of the installation of the actual geothermal heat pump. In retrospect it happened fairly quickly. There was a good bit of electrical work, connecting of ducts, and parts and tools everywhere but nothing that seemed to warrant a lot of pictures.

At the end of the second day they had removed the old furnace, put in the heat pump system, and connected it to the electricity and ducts so we could generate heat with the electrical resistance system. Essentially we had a big space heater hooked up.

Heating Coil

The geothermal heat pump has a back-up electrical resistance heating unit in case extra heat is needed. Since our system has a vertical loop we don't expect to have to use backup but it's good to know it's there. Electrical heat is very expensive compared to the geothermal ground loop system, but it worked to fill the gap when the old furnace was gone but the geothermal system wasn't yet complete.

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