The Project

Installing the Geoexchange Heat Pump

Installing the Flow Center

With the heat pump installed, the next task was to install the flow center. Actually they put it in before the heat pump but didn't make any connections. But I think it makes more sense to discuss it here.

The flow center consists of two pumps connected to the ends of the ground loop tubing. One pump pulls the water/methanol mixture toward the system and the other pushes it away. As I recall, they are moving about six gallons a minute and don't use very much energy. The flow center sits between the tubing outside the house and the geothermal heat pump.

First, they needed to install a structure to support the flow center. This was necessary to ensure system stability.

Flow Center

Here it is with all connections made:

Geothermal Flow Center

From the flow center, the red hoses carry the water/ethanol liquid to the heat pump compressor. Here they are connected to the geothermal heat pump main unit.

Flow center connected to heat pump

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