The Project

Installing the Geoexchange Heat Pump

Setting Up

The first challenge was to get the new geoexchange heat pump into the basement. This was an impressive feat requiring four guys. It was a tight fit but everything (and everyone) made it down the steps unharmed.

Heat pump arrives ...

They also set out many of the materials they would use the next day. This allowed them to put the old AC unit in their truck to haul away that evening.

Materials for installation

Before removing the AC unit they had to take out all of the freon.

Removing freon from old air conditioner

The freon was taken away and somehow recycled or destroyed to save some ozone to block all of those UV rays. Sadly, the mouse living in the compressor had to find a new home.

No more big, clunky, ugly old AC unit!

All gone. The hole in the wall was where the furnace vented. The smaller hole on the right is where the AC connected to the house.

Connecting to the Outside Ground Loop ->