The Project

Installing the Geoexchange Heat Pump

Connecting to the outside ground loop

This is what was waiting for the HVAC team when they arrived at our house. The tubes were empty at this point. To move the water/methanol mixture from the ground loop to the heat pump, they needed to run the tubing to the furnace room.

Capped tubes

An important aspect of connecting the tubing is to be sure that no there are no leaks whatsoever. While a small indoor leak wouldn't be a huge deal to fix, an underground leak would be a major problem. To prevent leaks, the tubes are heat-sealed at 500 degrees to achieve a tight seal.

Heat sealing tool

The tool is heated to 500 degrees and the tubing is held for a set amount of time. The process is then repeated until the desired connections have been made. Below an elbow has been added to a length of tubing.

Pipe Coupling

Tubing installation

Tubing installation

Below is the corner where the pipes entered the house. They are now neatly tucked along the wall and run behind the washer and dryer.

Geothermal Tubing

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