The Project

Geothermal Well Drilling

Running the Tubing into the House

Adding the Quick Grout to seal the wells is a pretty quick process. What does take some time is getting the tubing from the wells to the house. A four-foot-deep trench must be run to keep the tubing insulated from seasonal temperature changes. The tubing is brought through the wall of the house. After testing the pressure in the loop and temporarily capping the ends, the well drillers are done.

Our house has a finished basement so this presented some difficulties. We ended up running a trench around the side of the house to the back.

First, the trenching crew carefully digs out around the wells. The white PCV tubes help protect the ground loop tubing for the first few feet. The white PCV tube is then broken away exposing the ground loop tubing.

 PVC Pipe Removal

The trenchers can then hook up a longer tube leading from the wells to the house.

Digging a Trench

The trench is then run around the house to the back. In this case it even went underneath our sidewalk.

Trench Digging Machine

The tubing (in this picture there is only one tube but I'm pretty sure there were two when they were done) then runs along the bottom of the trench leading right up to the house.

Tubing in trench

Trench To House

I'm still not seeing two tubes though.

PVC Pipe Fitting

There they are! The tubes go into a coupling that secures them as they enter the house.

Masonry Drill

To run the tubes into the house, two holes are drilled with this awesome looking drill.

Tubes Through Cinderblock

You can see the holes are open to the outside. They drill from the inside out to make things a bit less messy.

Pressure Gauge

Next the tubes are run through the wall, pressure tested, and cemented in. Finally they are capped off and left waiting for the HVAC crew to hook them into the heat pump itself.

Mini Excavator

Hey, did anyone see that other guy get out of the trench?

Yard After Trenching

Outside, the trench is filled back in and the yard begins to look somewhat more normal.

Here's a rough diagram of where the trenching ran. There will be a bit of lawn rehabilitation to do this spring.

Aerial view of the trench around the house

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