Drawing the Lewis Structure for Br2

Viewing Notes:

  • Br2 is a reddish gas at room temperature. The Br2 Lewis structure is similar to F2, Cl2, and I2 since F, Cl, and I are all in Group 7 and have 7 valence electrons.
  • For the Br2 Lewis structure there are a total of 14 valence electrons available.
  • Br2 is sometimes called diatomic Bromine since it is made up of two Bromine atoms.

Transcript: This is the Br2 Lewis structure. Looking on the periodic table, Bromine is in Group 7 or 17. It has 7 valence electrons. We have two of them though. Multiply that by 2, for a total of 14 valence electrons for the Br2 Lewis structure. First, we'll draw two Bromine atoms next to each other. We have 14 valence electrons for Br2. We'll put two between atoms to form a chemical bond. Then we'll go around the atoms: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, 12, 14. So we've used all 14 valence electrons. This Bromine right here, it has 8 valence electrons so its octet is full. and then this Bromine right here also has 8 valence electrons, so its octet is full. This is the correct Lewis structure for Br2, Bromine gas, or dibromine. This is Dr. B., and thanks for watching.