Drawing the Lewis Structure for ICl (Iodine Chloride)

Viewing Notes:

  • Be careful - the I and the l look similar. The structure is for Iodine (I) Chloride (Cl).
  • For the ICl Lewis structure there are only single bonds.
  • In the Lewis structure for ICl there are a total of 14 valence electrons.

Transcript: This is the ICl Lewis structure: Iodine Chloride. For Iodine we have 7 valence electrons, and 7 for the Chlorine; total of 14 valence electrons for the ICl Lewis structure. We'll put the Iodine here, and the Chlorine right next to it. We have a total of 14 valence electrons. We'll put 2 between atoms to form the chemical bond, and we'll go around the outside. So we have 2, 4, and 14 valence electrons.

So you can see that we have 8 valence electrons around the Iodine and 8 around the Chlorine, so their octets are full. We've also used 14 valence electrons that we have available for the ICl Lewis structure.

And we're done. That's the Lewis structure for ICl, Iodine Chloride. This is Dr. B., and thanks for watching.