Donate Refrigerator

Tips on how to donate your fridge.

If you want to donate a refrigerator you should first consider whether the donation makes sense for the recipient. If you have an older fridge they may end up paying more in electricity over the course of a few years than if they bought a new one. In this case it may be best to recycle the refrigerator.

Donate Refrigerator to Charity: Tips

  • Make sure the charity is legitimate. It may be best to check with the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity.
  • For some charities you may have to take it to a donation center. Check with the charity for specifics.
  • Make sure you get a receipt so you can claim the tax deduction.
  • It's possible that older refrigerators won't be accepted for donation since they use too much electricity. In that case you can recycle the fridge.

Donate Refrigerator: Recommendations

If you can't find a legitimate charity to pick up the fridge, perhaps the best solution may be to have the refrigerator picked up to be recycled rather than donating. Recycling recovers 95% of the materials used to make the fridge which is pretty impressive. In addition you'll be taking an inefficient system off the market. Its likely that it will use more energy to keep it running than it would take to recycle and make a new refrigerator.