Refrigerator Disposal

How to dispose of your old refrigerator safely and easily.

If your fridge is older than 1995 you'll likely save a lot of money ($100-200 a year) by getting a newer model. We saw this when we replaced ours (take a look at our energy bills and see the difference).

Think about refrigerator disposal when you are shopping for a new fridge. Be sure to ask the store where you plan to buy your refrigerator if they will remove the old one for free or even give you a rebate. If they deliver your new fridge then it's not too much more trouble to take the old one.

Other options for refrigerator disposal include:

  • Take it to be recycled.
  • Call the local government and see if they do old refrigerator disposal. Many will pick it up for free although you may have to get it to the curb.
  • If it still works you might be able to donate it. Still, if you are getting rid of it to save energy it's might not be the best solution for someone else.

If you are asked to put your old refrigerator out on the street for pickup make sure to take the door off (it is actually pretty easy). Every year there a number of children who suffocate in abandoned fridges. Some pickups won't even take it if the door is on.