Refrigerator Recycling

How to recycle your refrigerator safely and easily.

With refrigerator recycling almost all of the materials will be reused (around 95%). To recycle you have a number of options.

  • If you have your fridge delivered the company will usually take your old fridge away for you. In almost all cases they will recycle your old fridge (ask to make sure). Sometimes they will provide a discount for your old fridge.
  • Many power companies offer rebates (usually $50) for refrigerator recycling. Often you can get another $25 if you also recycle an air conditioner at the same time. They'll come into your house and even remove the refrigerator in most cases.
  • Many local governments will pick up your fridge for recycling. You'll have to call for a special pickup and you may have to put the fridge out yourself. Be sure to ask when you call.
  • Donating is one way to recycle your fridge. Note that you will be giving away an inefficient fridge so you might consider other forms of recycling.

One important note: If you have to leave it on the curb prior to removal the safest thing to do is take the door off (see Federal Refrigerator Safety Act). Otherwise kids can get inside and suffocate.

Recycling the Toxic Chemicals

Refrigerator recycling helps prevent harmful chemicals from getting into the atmosphere. When you recycle the refrigerant will be safely removed and not enter the atmosphere where it can damage the ozone. This is especially the case for refrigerators made before 1995. The ones used now aren't as bad for the ozone but are greenhouse gases and contribute to climate change. There are also other chemicals, like mercury, that will be recycled as well.



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