Where to drill residential geoexchange wells.
The drilling rig used to drill the geothermal wells sits in our yard.

Drilling geoexchange wells through mud
Workmen pump water into the geothermal wells as they drill.

Running vertical ground loop tubing Geothermal ground loop tubing is feed into a finished 300ft deep well.

Trench to house for geothermal ground loop A trench for ground loop tubing runs from the wells into our house.

Home Geothermal Heating and Cooling Installation

When we began thinking about installing a geoexchange (also called geothermal) heat pump system for our home, there wasn't much information for single-family houses. That's why we built this site.

Watch our new video of the geothermal wells being drilled!

Where to drill residential geoexchange wells.
Drilling the Wells
Geoexchange flow center.
Heat Pump Installation

Savings, Comfort, ...
Silt from drilling wells.
About Geoexchange

We've just completed a detailed, four-year analysis of our home geoexchange system. Read about our findings and methodology. Comments are welcome.

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