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Learning to name and write formulas ...

... is all about patterns, something the human mind is very good at. But it takes meaningful, guided practice to be successful.

The process comes down to:

  • Determining the type of compound you are working with.
  • Applying the rules for naming or formula writing for that type of compound.
  • Practicing until it becomes second nature.

There are two main learning tasks:

  • Naming ions and chemical compounds.
  • Writing formulas for ions and chemical compounds.

What to Do First

  • If you are just starting out the best approach is to go through the blue side-bar on the left. You can also practice naming or formula writing for a mix of the different compound types from the Name-inator main page.
  • If you want to practice a certain type of compound - select the compound on the Name-inator main page and practice. Make sure you practice both naming and formula writing.
  • To practice everything select all topics on the Name-inator main page. Make sure you practice both naming and formula writing (do naming first).

How to Use The Name-inator

Fastest and Most Effective Way to Learn

  • Always give an answer even if you know it won't be 100% correct.
  • Use the examples and videos to pinpoint where you're having problems.
  • Break it up. Several short practice sessions are better than one long one.

Working with others who are serious about learning can also accelerate and enrich your own learning.

Name-inator  |  Change Level/Topics